Fee Structure

FEE BREAK UP Admission Fee Annual fee Development Charge TOTAL AMOUNT
 TYPE Non-Refundable Non-Refundable Non-Refundable
FREQUENCY One Time Annually Annually
BEGINNER TO EXPLORER 2500/- 2000/- 1500/- Rs.6000/-
STD.I TO STD.III 3500/- 2000/- 1500/- Rs.7000/-
STD.IV TO STD.V 4500/- 2000/- 1500/- Rs.8000/-
STD.VI TO STD.VIII 5500/- 2000/- 1500/- Rs.9000/-
STD.IX 6500/- 2000/- 1500/- Rs.10000/-
Tuition Fee Non-Refundable Beg. To Explorer Monthly Rs.1000/-
Std. I to Std. III Monthly Rs.1100/-
Std. IV to Std. V Monthly Rs.1200/-
Std. VI to Std. VIII Monthly Rs.1300/-
Std. IX Monthly Rs.1400/-
Transport Fee Non-Refundable Monthly As per Distance


  • Tuition Fee, Transportation Fee and Hostel Fee will be payable Quarterly.
  • Annual Fee can be revised annually as per the decision of the Managing Committee, DPS Chatra.
  • In case of hike in diesel price, transport fee may be increase